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McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. - Established in 1988

McGuyer Homebuilders (MHI) has consistently ranked in the nation’s top 25 homebuilders and has built new homes for more than 30 years in the Texas markets. We appreciate the strong community support we have received over the years, with over 50,000 new home owners and a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success at McGuyer Homebuilders, and we strive to make each home buying experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible. It’s our pledge as a new home builder to continuously search for better ways to improve our new home products, service and performance.

McGuyer Homebuilders has come up with a truly remarkable new home design that allows flexibility and comfort. We proudly offer a wide variety of award-winning floor plans and the flexibility to make changes to create a home that best fits the lifestyle of our homeowners. We take pride in the fact that our new homes are at the forefront of building green homes in Texas, we developed our own Eco-Smart platform to maximize green home building techniques and energy efficiency.

McGuyer Homebuilders builds one of the most comprehensive energy efficient homes on the market today under our Texas signature brands – Plantation Homes, Coventry Homes, Build on Your Lot and Wilshire Homes.

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Jun 11,2020

MHI Ranks No. 33 on Builder 100 List; Opens 19 Model Homes Through May

McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc., (MHI) — ranked No. 33 in the recently released Builder 100 list — continues to expand, opening 19 model homes across four major Texas markets since the star...

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Why You Should Build A New House in a Strong Market

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Building a House Your Entire Family Can Work and Learn In

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Jul 02,2020

How to Strike a Design Balance Between Trendy and Timeless

Shag carpeting. Beaded curtains. Carpeted walls. Indoor wicker furniture. Over the last 50 years, people have followed some truly unique design trends. And you’ll notice you haven’t ...

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