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Refresh Your Home with These 5 Decorating Tips for Spring

Refresh Your Home with These 5 Decorating Tips for Spring

Spring is traditionally a time associated with the new and refreshed. Spring cleaning is the first item that comes to mind for many, but the season is also a great time to refresh your home décor. 

Below are five easy ways to refresh your home and welcome the new season.

1. Overhaul Your Wall Art

For one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the feel of a room, swap out the artwork.
Be sure to update both the frames and artwork for maximum effect. According to Martha Stewart, lattice frames and metallics are popular options, so opt for replacing chunky, dark frames with these options. Prints of flowers in pastel shades or outdoor scenes are great options for updated artwork, or you can even integrate fresh-pressed flowers for a local touch.

2. Rejuvenate Your Bedding

As some of the most comfortable rooms in a house, bedrooms are a great place to lighten things up with the refreshed colors and feelings of spring.

Luckily, changes to the bedroom can happen without a lot of effort. No need to move furniture or install a large craft project – upgrading duvet covers/bed spreads, pillowcases, bed skirts and other elements can have the desired effect. 

Opt for lighter, solid colors for large pieces and then integrate pops of color with pillowcases and pillows. Standard spring colors such as light blue and yellow are always popular, but according to color trend watcher Pantone, lighter shades of greens and browns are also hot colors this spring.

3. Don’t Forget the Floors

In addition to warmer weather, spring also means more time spent outdoors. With more traffic happening inside and outside the house, don’t forget about floor coverings when completing your spring update.

Freshen your space from the ground up by swapping out any heavy and dark rugs put in place during the cooler months. Rugs made from sisal or hooked cotton rug are popular spring options and a great addition for porch and hallway areas.

Rugs and other floor coverings provide the option to add splashes or pops of colors in otherwise neutral spaces, and they are also an excellent way to carry colors and styles between rooms.

4. Accent Your Space with Color

Something about the warm spring weather bodes well for playful accessories in a home space. To ensure your entire home is spring ready, use unique accessory pieces such as vintage vases and trays, big and comfy pillows, metallic pieces, and more to add pops of color throughout the entire house.

For a more extreme makeover, use a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a room. Pastel and citrus colors remain firmly on-trend with a spring motif and are always a safe choice. Window treatments in new colors can also provide the same look while offering the flexibility of change later on.

5. Fill Your House with Greens

Bringing a few fresh plants indoors is one of the best ways to celebrate spring. Succulents are a popular choice with many because of ease of care, plus their shades of grays and purples also make them the perfect springtime accessory. 

To display your plants, use a mini table top to create a greenspace with the plants of your choice. Group together plants that have similar light and water schedules to make maintenance easier, but be sure to have some variety in your display. Feature plants of different textures and sizes for a more interesting arrangement.

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