Home Buying Tools

Online Tools to Plan Your New Home

Online Tools to Plan Your New Home

Buying a home means making a lot of decisions -– decisions about floor plans, finishings, style, taste and everything in between. But thanks to modern technology, those decisions have become a bit easier. 

New online home design tools allow buyers to explore and preview interior design trends and styles before even setting foot in a home. Exploring what type of home style you prefer can help in the floor plan selection process, further narrowing down the options and features you are searching for in your home buying endeavor.

Follow our steps below to make the most of online tools during your home buying process.

Step 1: Figure Out What You Like

Many new homebuyers have a visual idea of what they like in mind, but that idea can be hard to transfer to real-world hard goods and homebuilding professionals.

Because of this, spend some time figuring out what exactly it is that you like design-wise. For style exploration, Facebook is great tool. Popular designers and brands post content full of inspirational tips that can help to familiarize yourself with what you like.

Find your ideas, write them down, and bring them to the next step.

Step 2: Piece it Together

Now you that have a better idea of what you are looking for, move on to group those ideas together into cohesive rooms and spaces.

For this task, Pinterest is the unparalleled queen. Home décor, art, and design are some of their most followed topics, and all the top brands use the platform to further cultivate design ideas and rooms for users to browse and experience. As you build up your boards, you can begin to understand how each room must have a certain aesthetic and what it will take to cultivate that feeling.

Similar to Pinterest, Houzz allows you to group your ideas by room and discover new ideas. The boards on Houzz are populated mostly by professional designers, so you get a broader mix of ideas in each photo since you are not just limited to one brand. 

Step 3: Put It In Place

To a certain extent, the type of interior decorating style you desire can have a strong influence on the floor plan and design of your house.

Plantation Homes allows you to select one of our award-winning floor plans and virtually design your home right from the comfort of your computer. With our tool, you can virtually place furniture, toggle between adding options such as a kitchen island or expanded garage, and more. Using the tool will allow you to determine how your personal style “fits” into your selected floor plan, giving you the power to design a home around your needs.

Step 4: Make it Happen with Plantation Homes

Whether you have completed significant research or not, any time is ideal to begin searching for a home. Whether you are just getting started or know exactly what you want, the talented team at Plantation Homes can help to find a new home for sale in the style and location that you desire.

The sales counselors with Plantation Homes will talk through the style, function and layout requirements of your house in order to select a floor plan that fits your needs. Plus, new homebuyers in the Dallas and Houston regions have the ability to meet with a consultant in our design center in order to select the perfect finishing touches for their new home.

Contact a sales counselor today to learn more about the floor plans available from Plantation Homes in great communities in the Dallas and Houston areas.